Training and Formation

An overview

This section of CatholicLinks is focused on information and resources that may be used by schools and academies themselves, to provide training, formation and professional development support to, and opportunities for, leaders, managers and governors.

The resources in this section are specifically designed to be used flexibly, by individuals, schools, cluster groups, academy companies, teaching schools or dioceses.

Generally, the focus is on considering the theory, application and practice of leadership, management and governance from a Catholic perspective, in a Catholic setting, with an intention of supporting the mission, vision and values of a Catholic school or academy.  The programmes are designed to support individuals, groups or teams in developing of knowledge, understanding, characteristics and skills that enable personal and spiritual growth and contribute to the collective capacity of the school or academy.

First of all, there is an overview of the concepts of:

  • Leadership;
  • Management;
  • Governance.

Then there is information about the CatholicLinks Catholic Leadership Formation and Development Matrix, which may be used to underpin an individual or organisational approach to personal and professional development for Catholic leaders from the early stages of the profession to headship.

There are specific training and development sections on leadership, management and governance, which may be used by leaders, managers or governors at all levels, depending on their prior learning, current knowledge and context, and future aspirations and personal goals.

The programmes are planned, organised, resourced and presented so that they may be used for self-study, group-study or as facilitator-led programmes.  The programmes may be used in their entirety or individual sessions selected as ‘one-offs’ for particular purposes.  More detailed information on the programmes is to be found in the ‘Introduction’ pages to each of the sections.

If you require any additional information on the content, format or use of the programmes, or if you want something customised for your specific use, please contact CatholicLinks directly to make enquiries about what is or may be possible.

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