Recruitment and Induction

An overview

This section of CatholicLinks is focused on the senior leaders of Catholic schools and academies.   First of all, attention will be given to the process of recruiting and selecting a:

The appointment of an outstanding leader and an effective and efficient manager makes a huge impact on the quality of education provided, the quality of teaching and learning, and the standards achieved by pupils in the school; this would be the case in any school irrespective of its character. In a Catholic school or academy the primary role of the headteacher or principal is to lead a community of faith in fulfilling the educative mission of the Church. The appointment of a practising and committed Catholic sits at the heart of who the leader is, why they aspire to lead a Catholic school, and how they conduct themselves, model leadership and, through all of their work, give witness to their faith.

After a headteacher or principal, the next most important leadership role in the school or academy is the deputy headteacher or vice-principal.  They share in the leadership of the school or academy and must be ready, willing and able at any time to take on the leader’s role, for example, if the headteacher was ill or needed to take leave of absence.

Information follows that supports the actual stage of appointment to headship or a principal’s post in a Catholic school or academy.

Appointed to headship

The next section deals with recruiting, selecting and inducting an acting headteacher into a temporary leadership arrangement; note that the same general principles apply with respect to an acting principal.

Acting Headteacher

Finally, there is information to support the induction of a new headteacher of a Catholic VA school or the new principal of a Catholic academy, into their role of leading the school towards being outstanding, as understood in by both the Church and the State. It is written in a way that is meant to communicate to the new headteacher or principal directly, but may also prove useful to others such as the governors/directors, as the employer.

Headteacher Induction

Training materials

As well as information and model resources that relate to the focus of each of the webpages, there are also PowerPoints, which could be used to provide training sessions for governors or directors of a school or an academy, or a governor or director training programme for any schools or academies that are likely to be recruiting a headteacher or principal in the near future. They could also be used to support any of the meetings that are needed to progress the process.

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