Succession planning


The Succession Planning programme is designed to meet the needs of governors of a voluntary aided Catholic school or directors of a Catholic academy company.

The programme is set within the context of a Catholic school or academy and its mission to make Christ known.


The programme provides an opportunity:

  • to learn about the expectations of the governance to address succession planning; and
  • to consider policy and practice.

The programme is delivered in 2 face-to-face training and development sessions.


The sessions involves some activity and working together on tasks. It is necessary therefore to give consideration to the location of the programmes.  What is the size of the group room?


The sessions must be facilitated by a licensed facilitator.

The main mechanism for accessing the licensed leadership programme is for you to nominate a licensed facilitator to deliver the licensed programme.  You may do this in one of two ways:

  1. You can source a facilitator through CatholicLinks.  CatholicLinks will not charge for this service but the individual facilitator will require you to pay for their facilitation services and you will need to negotiate terms between you, separate from CatholicLinks.
  2. You can apply to be designated as a licensed facilitator of the CatholicLinks licensed programme.  You will not be charged any fee for applying and being registered, however, you must meet certain criteria as a threshold of expertise and experience in order to be designate as licensed to deliver the programme.  This is purely a process by which certain quality assurances are considered and addressed in respect of the delivery of the licensed programme.  If you wish to do this contact CatholicLinks.Once you have nominated a licensed facilitator of the programme then you can plan for access to the licensed programme resources and being to plan the delivery of the programme to suit your circumstances.


This information may be used to produce information or a flyer to go out to schools or academies to advertise the programme.  Please note that the CatholicLinks origins of the programme must be acknowledged.


CatholicLinks will charge the following fees for the provision of the programme – a flat rate of £50 per programme.  This will cover the programme materials and tutor notes.

CatholicLinks will provide a budget planner to scope the cost of running the programme after the initial telephone conversation to explore the planning of the programme.

Further information

If you want any further information, or wish to discuss any aspect of this programme and how it could work for you, please contact

Ideally, contact CatholicLinks as soon as you are even expressing an interest in accessing the programme. Generally, please give 21 working days’ notice to CatholicLinks before you are planning to advertise / deliver the first session of the programme; this allows for dialogue, planning and any modifications to the programme, et cetera. However, it is possible that your needs can be met in a shorter timescale.

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