An overview

CatholicLinks is associated in a variety of ways with a range of professionals.  Some of these may offer a range of advice, guidance, support and resources to schools or academies.

CatholicLinks receives no fees, commission, financial benefits or benefits in kind from any of the associates for work or business that may arise for them from appearing on this website; the aim is simply to offer a range of known individuals the opportunity to introduce themselves to a wider range of Catholic schools and academies.

The associates who offer professional services have a proven track record of success and that is the criteria for including them on this website.

Please note that you are free to negotiate any work or business with these associates directly; CatholicLinks will have no involvement or interest in any such matters.

Headteachers and principals

Some associates are headteachers or principals of outstanding Catholic schools or academies and they are all Catholic leaders and their faith is important to them.

They have gained a reputation over time of effectiveness through working hard, with moral purpose, to improve the schools they have led and lead.  They will tell you there is no quick fix, but the need for continuous evaluation and review, succession planning, and growing the capacity for sustained improvement, as well as working in a professional relationship of challenge and support with governors or directors.

Education Professionals

Some associates are broadly categorised as ‘education professionals’. Often these associates have experience in headship, working for a local authority and / or working for a diocesan education service.  They may also have a wide range of other experiences, such as working for the National College or the Catholic Education Service or in support of teacher education.


Some of the associates have experience as facilitators and are able to lead training and development sessions. Some are also licensed to deliver CatholicLinks group face to face leadership or governance programmes.


Some associates are academics with a background of service in leadership positions in schools or in diocesan services.  They are experts in their chosen fields – and – very committed to Catholic education.  They are able to lead sessions with governors and provide advice on a variety of matters.


Some associates are professionals from other disciplines such as legal services, and have worked closely with Catholic schools and academies to resolve issues related to organisational restructuring, academisation, personnel related matters and other specialist areas.


Some associates offer other services that may be of use to Catholic schools or academies, for example providing published materials.

National Leader of Governance

A National Leader of Governance is an experienced chair of governors who is interested in supporting chairs of governors in other schools, and who has applied to the National College for Teaching and Leadership to be a National Leader of Governance (NLG).

This is part of the government’s plan to give schools a central role in developing a self-improving and sustainable school-led system.

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