Why does CatholicLinks exist?

CatholicLinks exists to:

  • Support Catholic schools1 and academies fulfil their educative mission as part of the Catholic Church.
  • Support those involved in governing, leading and managing, and teaching in Catholic schools and academies.
  • Support Catholic schools and academies manage the consequences of significant – and in some cases radical change – to:
    • The educational landscape of the state maintained sector of education;
    • The role and core functions of the Local Authority;
    • The nature of support provided to schools and teachers through the Department for Education (England) (DfE) and the Department for Education and Skills (Wales) (DfES), other government agencies and associated professional bodies in England and Wales.
  • Provide support to Catholic schools and academies to develop virtual networking to:
    • Support their distinctive needs as Catholic learning communities;
    • Create a secure bridge between the educational landscape of the past and the future;
    • Develop local experiences of a self-improving-school-system and system-leadership beyond the boundary of individual schools and academies, which supports Catholic education at a school, parish, diocesan and national level;
    • Help inform individuals and organisations about Catholic education.

The website may also be of interest to those working with Catholic schools and academies in any way, including studying Catholic education or pursuing qualifications that are particular to working in a Catholic school, and to anyone with a particular interest in Catholic education and its future.

1 The term ‘school’ may be used generically on the CatholicLinks website on occasions when appropriate to mean a school or an academy.

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