Supporting the system and building capacity

CatholicLinks is aimed at supporting those who lead and govern schools, as well as diocesan officers, middle leaders, teachers and anyone with an interest in supporting Catholic education.

CatholicLinks encourages those working in schools and academies to work collaboratively to support the system and build capacity for the Catholic sector at a local, regional and national level. This includes encouraging professionals to:

  • Share information about schools’ and academies’ experiences in key areas of improvement and capacity building, which demonstrates them working together to strength Catholic education at a local, diocesan and regional level through:
    • Collaborative practice;
    • Collective responsibility for raising standards;
    • Innovation;
    • Best practice;
    • Joint practice;
    • School-based action research;
    • School-to-school support;
    • Creating a ‘self-improving-school-system;
    • System-leadership.
  • Encourage virtual networking beyond the individual school or academy and the local physical grouping of Catholic schools.
  • Promote a wider exchange of knowledge, understanding and learning with other Catholic schools or academies in key areas of development, improvement, capacity building and securing sustainability beyond existing local partnerships.
  • Promote ways in which Catholic schools and academies can create transforming alliances.
  • Encourage the development of the expertise and skills of Catholic leaders at all levels to work as facilitators and / or mentors or coaches with other schools and academies to spread best or joint practice and drive improvement.
  • Support leadership development and succession planning strategies to benefit the wider Catholic educational community.

CatholicLinks encourages professionals with a track record of success, or service providers with a secure reputation to:

  • Share their narrative of leading a Catholic school effectively or supporting improvement and capacity building.
  • Spread ‘best practice’ and grow ‘intellectual capacity’ beyond the boundaries of individual Catholic schools, by spreading and exchanging knowledge, understanding, expertise and skills.
  • Grow new knowledge through ‘joint practice’, the articulation and exchange of learning with others.
  • Show-case the outstanding practice in Catholic schools and academies that is making a positive difference to children and young people’s lives.
  • Enable individuals, schools and academies to offer their service1 to others.
  • Enable service providers with secure values and reputation to offer a quality professional service 1, i.e. law firms and governor services organisations.

1 Disclaimer: without prejudice, recommendation, guarantee or liability, or financial benefits or benefits in kind, on the part of CatholicLinks.

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